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Despite Shortcomings, Blood Sport May Be ECW’s Best DVD Yet


By Patrick Hickey Jr.


Ever since the ECW promotion was resurrected by Vince McMahon early last year, every hardcore fan has tried their hardest to get back into the brand, but nevertheless has found themselves wishing for the old days when the brand was totally extreme and different than any other promotion in the world.


Some believe that the storylines on ECW today aren’t as raunchy, while others feel the matches aren’t as violent. Well, now with the release of ECW’s newest documentary, “Blood Sport: ECW’s Most Violent Matches,” ECW fans now have the most extreme matches all in one collection. Blood Sport not only delivers the goods as far as serving up some of the bloodiest battles ever seen in ECW, it’s chronologic presentation serves as a great addition to the backbone of the  history of the promotion featured  on “The Rise and Fall of ECW.”


ECW fans will also be happy to know that not one match from any previous DVD is found on this collection, making it a one of a kind gem for any nostalgic fan or collector. Featuring classics such as the Raven vs. Terry Funk match for the World heavyweight title, the main event from ECW’s first pay per view and the infamous I Quit match between CW Anderson and Tommy Dreamer in addition to 17 other matches, this DVD is unlike any other wrestling collection out right now.


However despite the high amount of action on the collection, the matches on the first disc are from the first few years of ECW, with poor production value and camera work that only real fans of the promotion can enjoy. Some fans may opt to just throw in the second disc of the collection, which filled with matches including Taz, Shane Douglas, Tommy Dreamer and the Dudley Boys that are sure to satisfy the most blood thirsty of fans.


Another shortcoming of the collection is the way Paul Heyman chose to introduce each match. While no one doubts the fact that the Bill Alfonso- Beulah McGillicutty match was a violent one, saying things like, “It was one of the most important five minute stretches in wrestling history,” is just that, a stretch and a bad one at that. If this collection didn’t have any commentary from Heyman, none of the rich history of the promotion would be lost or tarnished, but for some reason, the WWE decided to have Heyman exaggerate his exploits in ECW before every single match, making his voice annoying and tiresome by the end of the collection.


In the end however, things like that really don’t take away how violent the matches are in this collection and how well they represent an almost lost era in wrestling history, making “Blood Sport: ECW’s Most Violent Matches” a must own DVD for any devoted fan of the promotion.

TNA’s Brightest Stars Shine in new DVD Release


By Patrick Hickey Jr


For years, the stars of TNA’s X-Division have amazed fans with their unbelievable athletic ability and desire in the ring. However, 2006 was special year for both TNA and the X-Division because it showcased the dominance of Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Senshi, who all managed to hold the title over the course of the year.


Now, with the release of The Best of X-Division Volume 2, all the great matches of 2006 are all on one disc, providing hardcore fans with all the amazing wrestling action they could ever ask for. In addition, TNA commentators Mike Tenay and Don West spend considerable time showing the highlights of the bloody Daniels, Joe and Styles feud that captivated the entire industry, providing a well rounded package that will leave TNA fans drooling, while serving as a great introduction to the brand for non-TNA aficionados.


However, the thing that separates The Best of the X-Division Volume 2 from the myriad of other wrestling DVDs flooding the market right now is that it features a host of great wrestlers like Petey Williams, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Jay Lethal and others in addition to chronicling the amazing title reigns of the champions mentioned earlier. As well, it is chock full of everything from high-octane singles matches to six-man steel cage tag matches, providing a healthy balance of diversity and entertainment.


Because of the variety of the matches and different types of wrestlers featured, TNA has created a DVD that has something for everyone. Those who love to see scientific wrestling have a few great matches with Alex Shelley that are sure to satisfy, while those looking for insane high flying action have more than their fair share of Sonjay Dutt and AJ Styles on this DVD as well.


Making the collection even better is the fact that every single match features great finishers like Senshi’s “Warrior’s Way” and Petey Williams’s “Canadian Destroyer,” making the matches worth watching over and over. Wrestling fans that aren’t familiar with TNA or its wrestlers will be amazed at just how athletic and daring these superstars are and will opt to see many of the phenomenal moves over and over again in slow motion. That’s how insane some of them are.


As far as judging its quality as a total package is concerned, TNA’s The Best of the X-Division Volume 2 goes out of it’s way to bring out the best of its superstars and bring it into your living room, providing over two hours of the most intense wrestling action ever seen before and is a welcome addition to any wrestling fan’s collection.

Pick Your Poison DDT’s Other Wrestling DVD’s


By Patrick Hickey Jr.


Often in life, it’s not the person with the most talent that makes it to the top; it’s the person that uses what ever talent they may have in the best way they can that winds up accomplishing their goals. For over 20 years, the world of sports entertainment featured this type of individual, Jake “The Snake” Roberts.


Never the most athletic, or ever in the best shape, Roberts mastered the art of ring psychology and was one of the first wrestlers in his era truly able to captivate an audience in an interview, becoming a true pioneer in professional wrestling, amassing millions of fans in the process.


In a new DVD by WWE home entertainment entitled “Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts: pick your poison, Roberts’s storied and tragic career is chronicled by none other than “The Snake” himself, giving details about how he created the most imitated move in wrestling history, the DDT and how he fought and lost his battle with drugs and alcohol.


When you listen to Roberts tell his story, it’s obvious to see that his accomplishments in the ring, no matter how fantastic they were at one point in his life, will always play second fiddle to the amount of pain and suffering he endured as a child due to tremendous family problems and his problems with drugs and alcohol.


Rather than just play for the viewing audiences pity with a somber story of regret and pain, Roberts truly understands what he has done in his life and doesn’t try to hide the truth from anyone. Roberts even goes as far as to explain the reasons how he got addicted to drugs in the first place, trying to escape from a horrible neck injury that forever ruined any chance he had to maintain the superstardom he worked so hard to accomplish in his career.


Aside from the two-hour documentary that gives a never before scene look into the life of Roberts, this two-disc collectors set contains great matches from Roberts’s days in WWE, WCW, ECW and Smokey Mountain Wrestling with wrestling greats Ricky Steamboat, Justin Credible, Rick Rude and Sting.


By the end of the 2-disc collectors set, any wrestling fan will realize just how talented Roberts was and what a shame it is that drugs and alcohol ruined a great career that could have been so much greater.


Often imitated, but never duplicated, the greatness that once was Jake Roberts will forever live on in this great DVD compilation.

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